Our ministry training courses are based in theory and practice.....

The courses include group discussions and homework - to be recorded in Journals.

All students are expected to be engaged in some form of Christian ministry, whether it is children's work,  working with woman and widows,  pastoral or other, and it is expected that the ministry training will impact upon the practice of the students - our aim is to envision, encourage, enable and equip students.

  • The Kingdom  -  This course teaches the principles of the Kingdom and how we are to operate in the Kingdom.

  • Early Church Practice - This course looks at how the Early Church operated and how can operate in this manner also.

  • Apostolic Foundations - This course teaches about the ministry of the Apostle in the past and in our current age.

  • Pastor's and Teachers - This course teaches about the role of a pastor and teacher, and teaches principles and practices in 
     these ministries.

  • Missions - Going Out -  This course looks at the role of the evangelist and missionary, and looks at the role and ministry of Paul 
     the Apostle in mission. 

  • Healing and Wholeness -  This course looks at the ministry of healing, on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. 

  • Children's Ministry - This course looks at the principles of caring for children, including theory and practices that teach and 
     minister to broken children.

  • Prophetic Training - This course looks at the role of the Prophet and prophetic ministry in the church today.

  • Dreams and Visions - This course looks at the theory and practice of dreams and visions in the Old and New Testament, 
     and how we can interpret dreams today. 

  • Spiritual Warfare -  This course looks at the principles and  theory of spiritual Warfare and how we can become effective 
     spiritual warriors.