Apostolic Training Schools, Kenya

Ruth Grigg


Ruth lives in UK, and currently works as a Private Tutor and online English Teacher.  Ruth was aware that God had called her to ministry when she was 17 years old. She originally trained at Springdale College (UK), gaining a Certificate in Ministry, which was updated to a Certificate in Theological Studies, in 1983. Ruth  became aware of her calling into prophetic and apostolic-type of ministry in 2008 and was trained, mentored, and ordained in this field by Julia Garrett, in 2011, Apostolic Restoration International Ministries, USA.  

Ruth later completed non-accredited degrees in theological studies: a BA in Theology, and a Doctorate of Theology, in 2011, with the Christian College of Theology, USA.

Ruth has been on many short mission trips to Kenya and Uganda with small teams, mainly to train pastors and leaders in ministry. Since then, Apostolic Training Schools, run by the Kenyans, has emerged, along with Children's Centres who minister to families in their communities; the work is continuing.  The Schools and Centres are a registered C.B.O. (local charity) under the name Kingdom Agape Centres. 

The Schools are working in partnership with a local Ministry Training College, based in Birmingham U.K., who are accrediting the courses.  The work is continuing and we pray will continue into the years ahead.

Peter O'Basil

Schools Director
Peter is based in Migori, Kenya, and has founded many churches
in Kenya.  He received training with Apostolic Restoration Ministries, and Peter  ordained was an Apostle.
Peter is the Schools Director hand has taught in the schools for 5 years or more.

We have other voluntary teachers who teach and train in the Schools. 

Bishop Sammy

Moderator for Schools
Bishop Sammy is originally from Migori, Kenya, but currently resides and ministers in Nairobi.  Bishop Sammy is the Bishop and founder of many churches throughout Kenya, and has recently joined our team as a Moderator, to enable accreditation for the students to receive certificates from our partner college based in U.K.